The artisans who create magic

Pakistan’s story won’t be complete if we don’t talk about the diversity of its people. Same is with Paimona. The artisans who work with us make our mission to create meaningful, statement home decor pieces, possible. From Rahimyar Khan and Bhitshah to Quetta and Delhi, they all have a story to tell — a story that is only matched by the beauty of their work.

Gullu Bhai

Gullu bhai saw the creation of Pakistan when he was 4 years old and he has been at his craft for over 30 years. His business of working on furniture fillings has never seen a bad day and his love for his craft shows in his work. Responsible for feeding a family of nine members, he works with Paimona to give finishing touches to home decor and furnishing pieces so they look as perfect as they were envisioned on paper.

Mohammad Azam

Azam hails from a village near Rawalpindi in Pakistan but came to Karachi in 1980 to look for better work opportunities. His passion for his craft grew when he saw his father pour over his work and spend hours making a piece. He later found out that his grandfather had also earlier been involved in the same craft. Inspired, he sought to do something similar but was also keen on innovating in his design and method — an opportunity that came in the form of Paimona for him, he says.

Zahid Mughal

When Zahid started working for Paimona, he was already known for his craft amongst his peers. Despite having seen challenges during his day, the love for his craft kept him going. His experience over the years has not only made him brilliant at his work but has also instilled him a rare discipline and dedication that makes his work a delight to look at. He is an invaluable addition to the Paimona team that not only thrives on camaraderie and mutual respect but is also united in the passion for making Pakistani art.